Saturday, May 6, 2017

Is letter writing really a dying art?

Who writes letters anymore?

Did you know they dont even teach handwriting in school these days?  How sad is that?

I still have an old shoe box where I have a lot of hand written letters sent to me through the years.  I cherish them like I cherish my old photos.  Something about those handwritten letters puts a smile on my face and can bring back tons of memories..

If you are having a bad day and you really want to turn it around, write a handwritten letter to a friend.  It really is very therapeutic.

Remember those pen pal days?  I think those days are long gone.

I still write my own handwritten letters, just to give it a more personal touch, weather it be a note card or my own personal stationary, something about sitting down on my desk and I start to write. .

So I have been working on some cool personalized stationary.  Cant wait to release this new line of products.  If you are like me, dont you just love to get a hand written note or letter in the mail?

Here is my first line.  I hope you like.  I have even made some address labels to go with the stationary.

You can purchase this one here

Size: 5.5" x 8.5"
The paper you write on can say just as much as the words written on it, so make your notes stand out with stationery for your home and office. 
You can choose from 5 different paper types.   
Now get writing and bring letter writing back in style. 

You can check out this video on the printing service I use. 

This is also a video on the printing service I use.  Check it out.